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St. George Musical Theater forms new board of directors (Link)
15 May 2016, Spectrum
St. George Musical Theater reorganizes board of directors (Link)
13 May 2016, St. George News
St. George Musical Theater may be back in business by spring (Link)
18 December 2013, Sun Independent
The Rush is long gone…but you won’t believe who might take their place! (Link)
04 December 2013, Sun Independent
Is THE RUSH over? Another St. George dance club bites the dust...? (Link)
08 November 2013, Sun Independent
Get Ready for the Rush! (Link)
13 August 2013, Sun Independent
Musical theater (Title Only)
28 March 2012, Spectrum, page A5
Musical theater deadline passes, organizers silent (Title Only)
03 February 2012, Spectrum, page A1
Thanks for all the support of SGMT (Title Only)
02 December 2011, Spectrum
Community theater on rise with DSC student at lead (Link)
19 September 2011, Dixie Sun
SGMT in need of support for new home (Link)
04 February 2009, Spectrum
Get out the vote on Davis area arts initiative (Link)
04 November 2007, Deseret News
Since 1988, SGMT has always ran in the financial 'black' (Link)
30 September 2007, Spectrum
Interim artistic director named for musical theater (Link)
11 September 2007, Spectrum
In the spotlight Local theater's fall season brings venue changes, world premieres (Link)
19 August 2007, Deseret News
StageRight hoping to locate a permanent home by fall (Summary)
06 May 2007, Deseret News
Town Square will be worth it (Link)
24 August 2006, Spectrum
Keep deadline for SGMT (Link)
07 July 2006, Spectrum
Theater, city, at odds over building's future use (Link)
30 June 2006, Spectrum
Musical theater seeks postponement of demolition (Link)
30 June 2006, Salt Lake Tribune
Theater continues with new board in place (Link)
06 June 2006, Spectrum
St. George Musical Theater will continue on with the shows you love (Link)
13 May 2006, Spectrum