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Sugar Factory Goes Down West Jordan High JagWire 6 January 2011 Summary
West Jordan considers demolition of silos Deseret News 13 October 2010 B2 Summary
West Jordan building official condemns Sugar Factory, calls for demolition Deseret News 4 October 2010 B5 Summary
West Jordan City Council votes to sell sugar factory site Deseret News 25 September 2010 B3 Summary
West Jordan mulls future of old Sugar Factory Deseret News 31 August 2010 Summary
West Jordan community theater to use schools through July Deseret News 28 March 2010 Summary
Performers offered a stage in Midvale Deseret News 18 March 2010 B6 Summary
West Jordan playhouse members say the show must go on KSL News 17 March 2010 Summary
West Jordan playhouse closes over seismic concerns Deseret News 17 March 2010 B3 Summary
West Jordan theater troupe finds temporary home Deseret News 17 March 2010 Summary
West Jordan mayor defends closure of playhouse KSL News 16 March 2010 Summary
Old factory to become W. Jordan arts center Deseret News 29 March 2008 B1 Summary
W. Jordan rejects factory fund-raising plan Deseret News 11 July 2007 B4 Summary
W. Jordan OKs change in Main Park measure Deseret News 29 September 2005 B5 Title Only
W. Jordan Council may amend Save Our Main Park initiative Deseret News 24 August 2005 B3 Summary
Sugar factory revival Deseret News 17 June 2005 M1 Summary
Broadway coming to Wasatch Front Deseret News 13 June 2004 E10 Summary
Weekend calendar Deseret News 11 June 2004 W4 Summary
Sugar factory may enjoy a sweet new life Deseret News 8 March 2004 B1 Summary