Apple Yard Art Farewell Letter

The Apple Yard Art store, which occupied the retail space at the front of the Villa Theatre for over 20 years, closed on 30 September 2002.  The following letter provides a history of the Apple Yard and was left posted on the entrance of the empty store after its closing:

"I was created by friends Sue Valentine, Dawna Barton and her daughter Brooke Morrison in February 1981. Soon Sue Valentine became my sole parent, being that Brooke Morrison and Dawna Barton kept busy painting for our customers. I began strictly as a gallery, but after adding gifts, paper goods, antiques, rugs and other home accessories my inventory grew. In 1986 we furnished an award winning house in the Parade of Homes. We were asked to provide artwork for KSL, at the Triad Center and while installing it, Sue became known as the "Picture Lady". We decorated many professional offices, homes, small businesses, and helped corporations gain valuable art collections. Our customer base grew from the Sugarhouse and Holladay areas to customers from Salt Lake City, Sandy, Ogden, Provo, Park City and from the California coast to Idaho, Montana, Colorado and Oregon. Summer was like a family reunion as those kind people returned to visit the store each year. I grew for twenty one and a half years with a mother that was fortunate to work with her talented three daughters by her side. The eldest was Sydney with her banking experience and knowledge, Susan, a graduate in interior design and Stephanie, who built and assembled each frame. Each daughter excelled in customer service, along with the wonderful staff we had over the years. In 1993 our framer Stephanie, gave birth to a son Cole, and he came to work each day with his mother. When Cole was 9 months old his cute cousin Andrew was born and also came to work with his mother Syd. My customers and employees really loved those babies and in 1998 Adison arrived. She too joined Nana Sue at work and this family business now had a third generation crawling in amongst the inventory. We enjoyed the association of Heidi Smart, Liz King, Shauna Lloyd Jones, Rosemary Murdoch Thomas, Shirley Kilbourne, Sally Jensen, Katie Holland, Anne Green Nowicki, Nancy Green, Beckie Britter, Megan Pugh Woodward, Robyn Shaw, and Heather Olson, and other employees. It was fun to watch these fine people grow, finish school, marry, become wife's and Mothers. Now my owner wants to grow up to be an artist and spend time doing just that. You will find her in her studio, or painting in one of our beautiful canyons or spending time with her family. She says: I am so glad our paths have crossed, your visits to Apple Yard Art created a lifetime friendship. I will miss you as you will miss the store. I cherish the great memories we have. May we enjoy good health and happiness in the future. Thank you for our successful adventure. Sincerely, Sue Valentine GOODBYE TO APPLE YARD ART.... YOU WERE GREAT!

"APPLE YARD ART CLOSED SEPT. 30, 2002. Thank you for your patronage . . ."

The Apple Yard storefront, viewed at an angle, with the entrance in the background on the left and a planter box with ivy in the foreground on the right.  On the large glass window panes, angled outward toward the top, are the words,
The words "Sue's Gone Painting" were left on the windows after the Apple Yard store closed 30 September 2002.    
Grant Smith
24 October 2002