Ad for 'Kick In' at the Alhamra, 'Utah's Finest Theatre.'
14 January 1923
Ogden Standard Examiner, page 11

Alhambra Theatre

2429 Kiesel Avenue
Ogden, Utah, 84401
(1915 - ?)



7 March 2006
bob koch
williams ca
The information on this site is in error. It has its operation years as 1927-30. I serviced it in the 1950`s along with the Egyptian. Orpheum and Ogden Theatres. This was a huge theatre,seatingwise and the projection room was right under the balcony edge. A miserably small room in a huge theatre. Does anyone else remember?

21 June 2005
Jean Cross
Lincoln, CA
I am doing some digitizing some old photos for Gladding McBean and found some awesome pictures of terra cotta done in the 1915-1918 era for the old Alhambra Theatre. Could you tell me if any of the old pieces were saved and if saved, where they might be located? Thanks.

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