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Villa Theatre

3092 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah
(1949 - 2003)
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News Articles

Publisher Publish Date Page Title
Deseret News 6 October 2011 Reminiscing with 'Raiders' on the big screen again
Salt Lake Tribune 12 November 2006 Preservation of Villa Theatre saves magical history
Utah Style and Design 23 September 2006 Local engineer-turned-businessman breathes new life into Salt Lake Citys historic Villa Theatre
Salt Lake Tribune 15 January 2006 Villa Theatre begins new life as showroom for ornate rugs
Deseret News 30 September 2005 Viva the Villa
Deseret News 23 May 2005 Villa Theatre is main attraction on its own
Salt Lake Tribune 12 May 2005 Past & Present
Salt Lake Tribune 23 May 2004 Viva the Villa! Roll out the rugs
Deseret News 22 May 2004 The Villa to star in new role: rug gallery
Salt Lake Tribune 28 December 2003 The year in arts: Hello, library, farewell Robert Peterson, the Villa
Salt Lake Tribune 28 December 2003 Film 2003: Miller time for Mormon Cinema, Madstone opens, Sundance shines
Salt Lake Tribune 28 December 2003 2003: A recap of what happened in the world of books, film, dance, music and stage
Wall Street Journal 18 December 2003 D2 Money's Worth
Salt Lake Tribune 21 November 2003 Utah Business In brief
Deseret News 17 October 2003 'Raiders' box reveals new discoveries
Deseret News 15 October 2003 Fate of Villa Theatre up in the air again
Deseret News 3 October 2003 Making the big screen bigger
Salt Lake Tribune 21 August 2003 Villa Theatre sale in works
Deseret News 21 August 2003 Talks hint at new life for Villa
KSL News 19 August 2003 Historic Villa Theatre Prepares to Return
Salt Lake Tribune 25 February 2003 The Villa's Future
Deseret News 25 February 2003 Don't ruin Highland Drive
BYU NewsNet 25 February 2003 Villa
Salt Lake Tribune 20 February 2003 Villa Theatre Reprieved -- for a While
BYU NewsNet 20 February 2003 Villa Theatre closes
Deseret News 20 February 2003 D10 Villa's fate in grocer's hands
Deseret News 19 February 2003 Villa has a long, storied history
Deseret News 19 February 2003 A curtain call for the Villa
Deseret News 19 February 2003 Villa goes dark a final time
Salt Lake Tribune 18 February 2003 Closing Credits Roll for Villa, Marking End of An Era
Deseret News 16 February 2003 Protesters fight for Villa Theatre's survival
Salt Lake Tribune 16 February 2003 Say Goodbye to the Beloved Villa? Most Moviegoers Already Have
Salt Lake Tribune 16 February 2003 Protest Targets Inevitable Phrase The End on Villa Theatre Screen
Salt Lake Tribune 12 February 2003 It's Curtains for the Villa Theatre
Deseret News 11 February 2003 Landmark Villa Theatre to close
KSL News 10 February 2003 Villa Theatre to Close
Salt Lake Tribune 4 February 2003 Heritage Foundation Plans Rally to Save Villa Theatre
Deseret News 18 December 2002 A1 Caption only: Lord of the Rings
Salt Lake Tribune 11 December 2001 D11 Obituary: Elsa Marie Volert-Nielsen
Deseret News 30 November 2001 Villa Theatre doesn't deserve Top 10 acclaim
USA Today 22 November 2001 10 great places to see a classic cinema
KSL News 22 November 2001 (KSL TV news story)
Salt Lake Tribune 15 August 2001 A19 Obituary: Beverly Dorothea Nielsen Brint
Deseret News 2 August 2001 Can Villa Survive a Vile Fate?
KSL News 5 July 2001 Saving The Villa Theater
Enterprise 28 May 2001 Article on the Villa Sale from the Enterprise Newspaper
Deseret News 4 June 1999 W01 SCERA could give Villa a lesson in scheduling films
Deseret News 27 September 1998 B3 Motorcycle Crash Seriously Injures 2
Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1998 D1 Multiplex destiny
Deseret News 20 February 1997 C1 Villa Isn't Perfect, But It's Trying

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