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Future uncertain at the Egyptian Theatre (Title Only)
04 September 2009, Park Record
Egyptian has new president (Title Only)
11 August 2009, Park Record
Wish list for Egyptian a mile long (Link)
05 May 2009, Park Record
Egyptian prepares for new day with meeting (Link)
01 May 2009, Park Record
Egyptian Theatre cuts back staff, stage offerings (Link)
28 March 2009, Deseret News
End of era at Egyptian (Link)
27 March 2009, Park Record
Can Egyptian raise $15,000? (Link)
23 January 2009, Park Record
Young artists lead effort to save the Egyptian Theatre (Link)
18 January 2009, KSL News
Egyptian Theatre lowers ticket prices (Link)
03 June 2008, Park Record
New Theatre Will be on Dewey Site (Link)
02 July 1926, Park Record, page 1