Inside the lobby of the Symphony Hall, looking out through the east glass window.
14 September 1979
Deseret News, page B1

Abravanel Hall

123 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101
(1979 - Present)

News Articles

Publisher Publish Date Page Title
Deseret News 3 March 2015 Linda & Richard Eyre: Introducing kids to the finer things in life
Deseret News 27 December 2014 A look back: A review of the 2014 series featuring arts organizations around Utah
Deseret News 10 September 2004 An acoustical dream: Abravanel Hall celebrates its 25th anniversary
Deseret News 22 September 1993 B1 Former Symphony Director Maurice Abravanel Dies at 90
Deseret News 6 January 1993 A6 'Abravanel Hall' Was Long Overdue
Deseret News 6 January 1993 B4 Abravanel Finds Tribute on Eve of His 90th Birthday 'Beautiful for Me'
Deseret News 5 January 1993 B1 Symphony Hall to be Renamed for Abravanel
Deseret News 1 February 1989 C6 'Sunsire' This Week at the Avalon Theater
Deseret News 9 November 1979 C16 A Bargain View of Symphony Hall
Deseret News 15 September 1979 B1 Acoustics Declared as Good as in Any Concert Building
Deseret News 15 September 1979 B1 Abravanel, Others Call Concert Debut 'Fantastic'
Deseret News 14 September 1979 B1 Inside Looking Out
Deseret News 10 November 1978 B2 Downtown Growth Lauded
Deseret News 8 November 1978 E2 Publisher Will Speak
Deseret News 2 November 1978 C19 Names Suggested for Arts Buildings
Deseret News 26 August 1978 S2 Delays Prompt Symphony Changes
Deseret News 16 September 1977 A4 That Symphony Hall Wood
Deseret News 1 August 1977 C1 A Monumental Project
Deseret News 10 October 1962 C2 Utah Symphony Tunes Up For 60-Concert Season

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