Movie first to be projected at 48 frames per second, and not everyone's on board

Salt Lake Tribune, 11 December 2012

Article Summary:

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is the first movie to be projected at 48 frames per second.  Only about 450 of 4,500 U.S. movie screens will show the film using the faster projection technology.  Theaters already equiped with digital projectors may only require a software/firmware upgrade to convert to the 48-frame-per-second technology.  Some models of projectors may require the installation of a small box costing about $10,000.  Theaers in Utah showing the film in the new format:

-four Megaplex screens in theaters from Centerville to South Jordan
-the IMAX screen at Jordan Commons (one of only nine in the country)
-two screens each at the Cinemark at Jordan Landing in West Jordan and at the Cinemark in Draper

The Megeplex Theatre in Valley Fair Mall has the only auditorium in Utah equiped for Dolby Atmos, which uses 56 speakers with 53 separate channels to create sound effects that envelop the viewer.  Surround speakers are not only on the walls, but in the ceiling.