Sweet seats will come soon

Two more area theaters will have stadium seating

Spectrum, 24 August 2004

Article Summary:

Cinema 6

Westates Theatres will add stadium seating, digital sound, and improved projectors to the Cinema 6. The $500,000 remodeling project will begin after Labory Day 2004 and should be completed by November 2004. Theaters Three through Six will be renovated first, followed by Theaters One and Two.

The remodeling is necessary because of low attendance level at Cinema 6 and the popularity of Sunset Corner Stadium 8 during the past few years.

Lois Blackburn, St. George area manager for Westates Theaters, said, “The people are crying out for stadium seating. It's very popular."

Pine View Stadium 10

Westates is also building the Pine View Stadium 10 on the southwest corner of 2450 East and Red Cliffs Drive. The theater will also have stadium seating and is expected to be completed on 19 November 2004.

Red Cliffs Cinemas

Westates plans change the name of the Red Cliffs Cinemas to the St. George Art House and show artistic pictures, including limited releases and independent films.