Disney, SCERA Theater Celebrate 50-Year Association

By Christopher Hicks, Movie Critic
Deseret News, 5 July 1989, page C1

Article Summary:

SCERA is now celebrating its 50-year association with Walt Disney Pictures.  Richard Cook, president of Buena Vista Pictures, was in town last week to accept a "50 Years of Disney" award from the SCERA.

"It's our favorite theater," Cook said of the SCERA Theater,.  " . . . it is a spectacular place to see a motion picture. It gives the kind of presentation that we wish all our films would play in. It's big, it's clean, it has wonderful sound, great sight-lines. And they've been so loyal to our company and exhibited our pictures for so many years.''

The SCERA Theater has 756 seats, plush velvet drapes, mirrored etchings, neon signs, and chandeliers.

The Regency in Salt Lake City become a dollar house last month.