Casino Star Theatre
A view of the ceiling, showing the new plaster work and replacement light fixture. - , Utah
In April 2008, scaffolding came down from inside the Casino Star Theatre, revealing a beautiful smooth ceiling all the way from the back backstage wall to the lobby.  Old and broken light fixtures were replaced with newly molded replicas.
Courtesy of the Casino Star Theatre, April 2008
Exposed lath on the ceiling of the Casino Star, before renovation work was completed. - , Utah
A view of the ceiling before restoration work was completed.
Courtesy of the Casino Star Theatre., April 2008
Three men wearing face masks stand around the cast-iron boiler, the front piece of which has fallen on the floor. - , Utah
Employees of Peterson Refrigeration and Mechanical remove a cast-iron boiler that heated radiators in the Casino Star Theatre.
Courtesy of Casino Star Theatre, 11 July 2008
Pieces of the cast-iron boiler sits in a heap outside the Casino Star Theatre along with sections of sheet metal ducting. - , Utah
The 1912 cast-iron coal boiler that heated radiators and the 1950s oil furnace that blew heated basement air into the auditorium and lobby were removed in July 2008 by Peterson Refrigeration and Mechanical.  The project was largely funded by a grant from the Utah State Legislature.
Courtesy of Casino Star Theatre, 26 July 2008
A man paints the front of the shop space on the left of the entrance of the Casino Star Theatre.  Above him, the attraction board reads,
Darin Olsen gives the Casino Star Theatre's 1950s corrugated metal shell its first coat of paint in preparation for a grand re-opening celebration.
Courtesy of the Casino Star Theatre, 12 September 2008