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Howard Green, Fua'amotu, Tonga, 20 November 2015

We moved to Bountiful in 1963. It cost 10 cents to get into the movies. We saw all the best movies here as we grew up. I remember once when my mom took me to see "Gone With The Wind." She told me to stay inside the theater until she came to get me. So I did - on the front row slouched down in my seat to get a better view. I sat enthralled through the movie 2-1/2 times (10-hours) before she realized I was on the front row and came to get me - right in the middle of the burning of Atlanta.

I went on and graduated from Viewmont High School in 1972 and came back the the Queen after serving my mission. Even though the movies were not first run anymore, it was still great to go back and see what there was. Then came the first real competition outside of Salt Lake or Ogden - Sandcastle. We went there (took my future wife to here first "M" rated movie - she was entertained but appalled) but it didnt have the same nostalgia the Queen did. I never went inside the Deseret Book that stands there now. I just couldnt. And then we moved away. I still have my childhood memories, though, and no one can ever take those away from me.

Jill Bugger Brown, Kaysville, 29 October 2011

I grew up in Bountiful. When I was born to the age of 7, we lived a block east of the Queen Theater, we spent our Saturday afternoons there, and always looked forward to the big crisp dill pickles out of the barrel. My Father installed the sound system in the 1st build out, and we too were treated to free movies once and awhile, when the original owner was around and knew that we were JA Buggers children. I remember the news reels, and always couldnt wait to see the cartoon at the beginning of the feature film...... It also had a "quite room" in the back, good times!

Robyn Davidson (MN), Port Ludlow, WA, 8 June 2009

Oh, those memories at The Queen! Watching "Breakfast at Tiffanys, "Funny Girl," all the Doris Day movies, all the Disney classics, even "Nutty Professor," added vivid memories of our childhood and teenage years. Thanks for this site. Thanks to all the former owners who kept this business going for so many years. You put smiles on our faces then...and now!

joe, Oregon, 10 July 2008

I love the queen. I grew up in Bountiful from 1978ish to 1985, which I ran from the state as I wasn't Mormon. Anyway... I too loved this old gem. James Bond, The Peanuts movies.. all of them great. I am glad someone kept tabs on this old gem, until its death. Good to know.

Kelly Anderson, Salt Lake City, Utah, 5 December 2005

Growing up in Bountiful and Woods Cross in the 60's and early 70's, the Queen was THE theater. It was likely the theater I saw my first movie in, and the only theater I went to throughout my elementary school years. I remember the ushers with flashlights to show latecomers to their seats. I remember the audience would always clap at the end of the movie. Always an exciting proposition to go to the Queen.

Craig Ferguson, Farmington, Utah, 18 November 2004

I grew up close enough to the Queen that my childhood frend and I would walk there most every Saturday afternoon to see the movie. One of those Saturday afternoons, during the summer of 1969, between my sophmore and junior years in high school, I went with my friend, as usual. We were fortunate enough to sit right behind 3 cute girls. My friend, Ron, spent most of the movie flirting with the young lady seated in front of him. I was too chicken to flirt with the beautiful young lady sitting in front of me, but I sure thought she was cute! Ron and I happened to know the third young lady, so we called her later and asked her the name and phone numbers of the other two girls in front of us. To make a very long and interesting story short, I married that beautiful young lady on February 14, 1976. 28 1/2 terrific years later, we're the parents of 3 of our own beautiful young women, 2 handsome sons, and 6 1/2 grandchildren. We'll be thankful forever to the Queen Theater for the memories!

brent ferguson, bountiful, utah, 15 November 2004

My favorite memory was each Christmas Eve my mother and Aunt would drop the whole gang off to watch a movie while they finished their Christmas preparations. We lived just a couple of blocks away, right by the Bountiful Jeep Posse building. It was a favorite hangout many weekends because we could just walk there as children. I remember the last few times visiting the theatre, standing so close tho the street, that it got a little scary. Thanks for the memories!

Wendy Brown (Dall), California (born in SLC and raised in Bountiful), 2 September 2004

My Grandpa, Clyde Cook used to own The Queen Theatre when I was little. We used to be able to see movies for free and we loved going there!!
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