God's Little Acre and Careless Years at the Queen in 1958. - , Utah
30 July 1958
Queen Theater

460 West 500 South
Bountiful, Utah

(1947 - 1994)

The Queen was built in 1947 and had a 540-seat auditorium and a large lobby. 

In December 1977, Consolidated Amusements renovated the theater, spending between $8,000 and $9,000 on new equipment, including a completely new sound system.  A new screen was to be installed in the beginning of 1978.  At the time, the Queen was showing second-run films.1

In 1993, Consolidated Theaters opened a new 8-screen theater near the Queen.  For a while both theater tried to show first-run movies, but the new Gateway 8 drew away most of the business from the Queen.  Consolidated thought about impact the Gateway 8 would have on the Queen before they built it, but "the primary consideration was that the opportunity at the Gateway far outweighed the opportunities at the Queen."2

The Queen closed 23 December 1994, with a sale pending on the property. 

In April 1997 the Bountiful City Council approved a plan to demolish the Queen theater and build a Deseret Book store in its place. Consolidated Theaters, which still owned the property, was going to lease it to Deseret Book.3

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