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Lane Christian, Lane Christian, 4 September 2012

Hi to all, my husband and I have been researching Salt Lake City in 1944. We came across a white pages for that year that listed my husbands mother as a sales woman at the Studio Theatre. She lived r2758 5th East in Salt Lake. My husbands father, whom he never met, played as a musician in the theatre. Do you recall Army Air Corp musicians playing during intermission? His name was Howard Price and he told my mother-in-law he was from Grand Island, Nebraska. We have searched and could find nothing. Maybe someone could help us with any info. Thanks in advance, Lane Christian

Brent Ward, 15 November 2005

I managed the Studio back in the mid-70's. My first night was a Friday when we opened "The Godfather" and a short called "The Crunchbird". The thing was we had fired the whole crew the week before and I had hired 2 girls and 1 boy and none of us knew exactly what to do. We sold out three shows that day and when we figured out the reports we came out to the penny! I wish I could remember the names of the cashier and the head concession girl, they were very smart as well as good looking.
The latter probably why I hired them.

Abbey Becton, Rochester, NY (formerly of SLC UT), 5 March 2005

I just happened on this site after Googling, what a find!
I heard when I started working there, that it had been a bank once several years before becoming a theater. I also remember "Love's Diamonds/Jewelry", that was next door to the theater.
I worked at this theater when it was the Utah III. Many memories of working there, mostly as a cashier sometimes as a candy person.
I remember one time of the power going out in the summertime, we had a full house and were showing 2 films--"Chapter Two" starring James Caan and Marsha Mason, and "Meatballs" starring Bill Murray.
My friend the assistant manager was running around trying to find a flashlight (our emergency lights/motion lights weren't working) and ending up going across the street to the Utah I and II to borrow one. If I remember right, they had power, but we didn't.
I can honestly say it was my favorite job, and I truly miss it.
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