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Robbbi & Debbi, Kelowna B.C., 3 July 2010

We were there for the 1st time in Summer 2009 and it was a great Drive In to go to, we enjoyed both shows with no problems of any sort.The food was good and coffee was hot / fresh, which is important. We drove 950 miles to check it out and are planning to go back again summer 2010. look forward to the same experience

Rob & Nancy, Draper, 18 June 2009

Not only do we love to see the movies... but we worked at the redwood in 1977 "when there was only one screen" We fell in love and are still happy after 32 years. We went back last week and it is still just as much fun!

Carrie Ware, North Salt Lake, 23 April 2007

My husband and I love Redwood Drive-In. Both of us went there as kids, and now we're able to share it with our family. He is really addicted to it. Every Monday it's always "What's playing at the drive-in?" Thanks.

Debbie C, Kearns, UT, 5 April 2007

We are drive-in junkies!!! We attend several shows at Redwood Drive-In EVERY YEAR! It is a bargain for families and... an EXPERIENCE! My favorite times are when I can bring someone who has NEVER BEEN to a drive-in movie! That is almost un-American! Like life without CHOCOLATE or something!!! Thanks for still being around! I look forward to bringing grandchildren when I have them!

Adam Fox, Springville, Utah, 24 July 2005

I am so glad that you are still open. My 15 year old daughter wants to have her 16th birthday party at a drive-inn theatre. When she was younger we used to go to Pioneer Twin or Art City drive-inns but they have gone the way of most of the other drive-inns across America. She remembers all the good times we had as a family and wanted to share that with all her friends on her birthday.

Mindy, Cedar City, 25 September 2004

We love drive-ins too! We can take our baby and not worry about him crying and disturbing other people! Plus we get to watch TWO movies for the price of one. Our XTerra is really comfortable too. It's just fun!

Jason Smith, 22 June 2004

I love the redwood drive-in. I take my wife there for dates and make out in the backseat. Cause it's only the best for my wifey.
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