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William, Roy, 2 December 2010

Its great to be able to make reservations with seat selection, also the theater is always clean and the staff always friendly and helpful. The stadium seating is great for everyone in attendance, this theater complex without doubt is the best in our area. The concession area has a great selection and the pricing was very competitive with their major competitors, even more so with the special offers available. If suggestions are wanted it would be helpful if when making reservations on line the entrance to each theater showed as well as the seats as some theaters only have one entrance, helpful to those of us with health problems. Also the elevator in the covered parking was not working, with some hip problems the prolonged walk from the upper level was painful, whoever controls the parking lot should have it fixed.

Amber Bateman, Utah, 19 March 2010

I really enjoy going to see movies and the Junction in Ogden.

Andrew, layton, 8 May 2008

Awesome place,reserved seating

David and Samantha, Ogden, 19 April 2008

We love this theater and will support it for a long time to come. We used to make the trip to SLC just to get a good Mega-Plex theater, now it is across the street. Thanks for bringing it to Ogden.

Tara, Ogden, 20 August 2007

It was so nice to get reserve seating, because my husband loves the back row -- and they reclined! It was great! The customer service was wonderful. They popped fresh popcorn instead of just giving us the bottom and offered a tray for our drinks. It was just an over - all perfect experience. GO OGDEN!!

Heather, Ogden, 10 July 2007

Love the Megaplex 13! Glad you're here!

Grandma, Syracuse, 24 June 2007

Went to your complex last night and will not go to any other theaters again. Love the reserved seats!!!

Sandy, 13 June 2007


Steve Bauter, 3344 Polk Avenue, 12 June 2007

Looking forward to coming your new theatre when it opens
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