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boyd, perry, 8 September 2009

Great place, Great prices,Great popcorn with real butter.

Susan, Brigham City, 2 July 2009

Walker Theater is the best kept secret around. It shows the newest movies, has the lowest prices in the area, is clean and the staff are friendly. And they have the best carmel popcorn ever!

Bob K, Pleasant View, UT, 12 March 2009

I went here on a Saturday weekend. Nice theater and DECENT prices on the ticket, popcorn and soda. Anywhere else I would have spent about an extra $5 easily.

Mr.X, Pittsburg, California, 13 December 2008

I didnt really expect much from a small town movie theatre, but when i came here it was really something else. I have been to many theatres and never seen one so taken care of and really nice employees. Really nice place. Thank You.

jessica , brigham , 17 May 2008

Is a nice theatre, comfy, good snack foods available, and clean. luv a clean theatre, hard to find these days.

Brady Cox, Haahhahah, 7 January 2006

What a great motion picture showing place
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