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Roger Barker, Taylorsville, 3 March 2010

After attending the Mickey Mouse Club at the Utah Theater on Saturdays from 1947 to 1953 I would swing around the corner on second south and head to the Capitol to see what show they would have because they usually opened about noon and the Mickey Mouse Club would get out about 12:30. At that time(1950s) childrens prices would be about .50 cents so it was not that expensive to go to another show before my bus would come to take me home. It was the summer of 1957 when I decided that since school was out for the summer I wanted to find a job at a movie theater. I drove to Salt Lake in my 1950 Ford that Dad had bought for me to go to school (Granite High) I parked down on second south so as not to have to pay a meter and that parking was free down that far, I walked into the Capitol Theater and walked up the long hall to the concession stand, there was a fellow there who said his name was Phil Tanner and that he was the Chief of Staff. I asked him if there were any jobs there and he said no but I could fill out an application. I left feeling that I had failed and drove home. Just as I entered my home the phone rang and my Mother answered it, she said it was for me. I said hello and the voice on the other end said "This is Phil from the Capitol could you come back right away I have an opening"

I rushed back and was fitted for a uniform which was a Red Coat with a silver tassels on the shoulders and black pants with a red stripe down the side with the lettering on the left front of the coat which read "Intermountain Theaters" We also wore what was called a "dickie" which was a cardboard front with a attachable collar. I went to work that night! We got to work not only movies such as "Sad Sack" with Jerry Lewis, cause the Capitol was a outlet for most of the Paramount films. There were also Operas held there like "Carmen" and most people like the Mayor and top leading citizens would be in attendance. The main office of the Intermountain Theaters were right next door so we had to be on the alert to watch out for them when they would come in. Our top man for Intermountain Theaters was named John Kreir. Manager of the Capitol Theater was Lou Sorenson, who had managed the Utah Theater earlier.

Many happy times were had there as well as at the Utah, Studio, and Centre since they were in the theater chain and we would be asked to go work at them since their uniforms were just like ours at the Capitol. I remembered working at the Utah which was showing the film "Bernadine" which had Pat Boone in the lead role. The Studio usually was showing a film which was moved over from the other theaters. Also the Utah had a film called "Hatari" starring John Wayne and it was moved over to the Studio because it was doing good business. Roger B.

Richard Partridge, Box Elder County, Utah, 8 March 2009

I was an usher at the Capitol Theatre in 1945. I am in process of writing about that enjoyable adventure and the wonderful people with whom I enjoyed it. I only left to enlist in the United States Navy in January 1946.
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