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Erica Jones, Magna, 12 June 2007

The Empress is just what Magna needed to boost it's morale! It is wonderful to have something that truly magnifies what a great town Magna is. Of course we who live there have known what a gem our little town is for a long time, and it's nice to finally have something tangible to show for it! I have loved every one of the shows put on there. For being such a "young" theatre, the professionalism of the performances is amazing! I have also enjoyed being a cast member myself. Fiddler on the roof has been an amazing opportunity for me. I have always had a desire to be in a musical, but never seemed to get around to it. When my summer turned out to be void of classes, I thought Fiddler would be a good way to fill the time. What a joy it has been to be in this show! Something I will never forget. Thanks Walgamotts! I love your family and have loved working in your theatre.

Charlotte, 28 April 2007

It is the one place in Magna that makes everyone feel loved. Joline never leaves any one out. She makes everyone feel good. But she's not the only one that does that the happiness of all the actors just makes the place really a great palce to be. I have seen every show atleast five times. My favorite shows that they have done is Forever Plaid and You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown just made everyone happy because he picked different people to have them feel special.

MaryAnne, Magna, 24 April 2007

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown was such a fun musical to attend. I came quite a few times with my family and I am sad to see it end. My 5-year-old little girl identifies so well with Sally in her pink dress. My 3-year-old son fell in love with Snoopy and asked if we could take him home on several occasions! What a talented cast, they captured the light and love of Charlie Brown. It really is fun for all ages. If this show is a reflection of things to come I cannot wait to continue my friendship with the Empress.

Lois Shaeffer, Taylorsville, Utah, 23 April 2007

A trip down memory lane for myself and my Sweet Uncle, Doug Smith. Barry and Janice fisher joined us along with my daughter Lori. What an evening!! After 57 years the Old Empress was alive again. Joline is so enthusiastic about the Theatre and eager to learn about it's past. The show "your a good man Charlie Brown" was so well done. What a bundle of talent. Can't wait for the next show. Come on former Magna residents... Stand up and share your memories of the Empress. And thanks to everyone for making dreams come true and starting new traditions. Down town will rise again...

Heather, magna, 23 April 2007

The empress is awesome. I love going and watching all the great plays.

Joanne Asay, Sugar House - Salt Lake City, 3 April 2007

I have seen two productions now. The Pirates of Panzance and You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. I enjoyed both very much.

I went with children and grand children to Pirates and it was wonderful to see that children are not just accepted in the audience, but appreciated and invited to be involved by filling out a little fact finding sheet in order to receive a treat at the end. My 8 and 6 year old grand daughters loved it!

I was accompanied by 2 adult friends to Charlie...we all laughed and laughed...and at the end had some tears. Sharing these good times with at least a dozen "red hat" ladies in the audience was wonderful. Something for everyone very much applies here!

Thank you Joline for your graciousness and unending enthusiasm and energy.

Tedi Wixom, West Valley City, 2 April 2007

My daughter and I went to see You're a Good Man Charlie Brown at the Empress. What a fun time. I haven't thought about Charlie Brown in years. It was so well cast and the set and actors were so perfect for each character. Snoopy stole the show, and I'll be back.

Tedi Wixom, West Valley, 6 March 2007

The actors at the Empress Theatre in Pirates of Penzance are spectacular. I attended again, for the eleventh time and it was better than ever. I have tried different seats everytime. This music rocks with Thomas, Amanda, Anthony, and Shaylyn, on board! The Bobbies are hilarious. Thank you Jourdan and the entire crew for such comical relief in a panicked society.

Tedi Wixom, West Valley, 17 February 2007

My husband and I attended the Empress Theatre's Variety Show in January. We were mesmerized by the local talent. It was fabulous. I have been to see Pirates of Penzance five times even though I only bought one set of season tickets. It is delightful. We are loving it.

Mike Jeneal Andrews, Magna, 2 January 2007

We came to see The Rented Christmas on Dec. 23, 2006 and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the performance. We look forward to seeing the other scheduled performances. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into restoring the Empress Theatre and we look forward to the day that it is complete. It is a great asset to downtown Magna. Thank you.

Lisa & Jacob, Salt Lake City, 15 December 2006

What a promising little theatre! And not the least of its assets are the people--Joline is delightful and a smile from her is charming enough to make the trip out to Magna worthwhile. You can feel the dedication of those involved in this space and tell that these fledgeling years will not last long--soon this will be a community theatre as polished as any other but hopefully still in touch with the sense of community that so many of our larger community theatres have forgotten. This is definitely an enterprise worth supporting!

Melanie Schwendiman, Magna, Utah, 11 November 2006

The Empress Theater in Magna is officially up and running! Forever Plaid is its first show, and you can see a review of the show at There are still minor details to finish inside the theater, but it's been beautified inside and out, and is ready for productions! Forever Plaid runs through 11/28, and the Christmas play, The Rented Christmas, begins 12/8! Come see us!

Jourdan Dixon, Magna, 27 August 2006

The OHPAA group is now renovating the Historic Empress Theatre in Magna. The Theatre will open late 2006 with the first show being "Forever Plaid."

steve cummins, 7 January 2006

any new plans or developments for the beautiful old empress?
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