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Uniquely Utah: The Empress of Magna turns 100 (Link)
11 September 2016, Fox 13 News
'Bye Bye Birdie' is Back at the Empress Theatre (Link)
26 July 2007, BYU NewsNet
Empress-ive Return (Title Only)
26 July 2007, Salt Lake City Weekly
Theater cleanup Saturday (Full Text)
09 March 2007, Deseret News
Magna histories are sought (Link)
29 December 2006, Deseret News
'The Rented Christmas' (Link)
29 December 2006, Deseret News
Curtain rises on Magna man's dream (Link)
01 December 2006, Deseret News
Forever Plaid Do Wop Delightful (Title Only)
13 November 2006, Magna Times
Magna Main Street Makeover (Link)
12 November 2006, Fox 13 News
2 theater groups debut (Link)
29 October 2006, Deseret News
Magna's Main to get a makeover (Link)
29 November 2004, Deseret News
Obituary: Roy Smith (Summary)
21 August 2002, Deseret News, page B5
L.A. Vocal Instructor Offers Technique Seminar (Summary)
05 October 1994, Deseret News, page C7
Magna Showing Signs of New Life (Summary)
26 June 1994, Deseret News, page M1
Magna Theater Nears the Reopening 'Stage' (Summary)
11 August 1991, Deseret News, page A1
6 Old Buildings Will Benefit From Grants (Summary)
21 June 1991, Deseret News, page B4
Commission Spares Empress Theater (Full Text)
06 September 1984, Salt Lake Tribune, page 12C
County Says Raze Empress Theater (Full Text)
27 July 1984, Salt Lake Tribune, page B3
Film historian brings new life to old Magna theatres (Full Text)
14 May 1978, Salt Lake Tribune, page E11