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Annette Nielsen, Salt Lake City, Utah,  

My mother's name is Elsa Nielsen - she started working at this theatre in December of 1951. She was there for over 35 years. I was only 5 years old and grew up around the theatre. Will never forget all the good times with the Good Old Movies and meeting a

Kat, Salt Lake City,  

I grew up going to movies at the Villa Theatre. I remember going to the PTA movies during the summer months with my sisters and friends and during intermission having drawings and winning items. Those were the good ole days. I hope the new owner will pres

Liana Howard, SLC,  

Too many people grew up with the villa. I'm sure it would anger many to see it torn down!

Lynn Christensen, Layton,  

Our family has fond memories of the Villa. Years ago we watched a Star Trek marathon there. Our children were small but they still talk about it. See you at the Villa!!

David Pond, Salt Lake,  

This is a classy theatre. I enjoy seeing movies here and not wandering through crowds of people. It's very unique and I hope whoever buys it will leave it the way it is. It will be a very sad day if they ever tear The Villa down.

Gordon Bachlund, Newport Beach, CA,  

It is truly sad to again see today's crass commercialism destroy yesterday's art!

Meredith Ppond, Salt Lake,  

I have some great memories of this theatre. I wish I had the money to buy it myself. Has anyone thought of buying it to show old movies there? Perhaps that would fit in with the character of the place and help keep it open. Regardless, it's a unique and w

David Larsen, West Jordan, Utah,  

I've only lived here for a year and a half, but I would be horrified to see this theatre disappear. I know it is hard for a single screen to make money these days, but that still cannot justify detroying such a marvelous theatre. I grew up in Oakland, Cal

Keven Gurney, Taylosville,  

I have been going to the villa since I was a little boy. We can't let them take it away

Peggy Childs, St. George, UT,  

I grew up by the Villa Theater and saw all the great pictures there. It is a beautiful theater, even now. Have you contacted the Heritage Foundation or Historical Society about designating it an historical landmark?

Brian Kirton, Salt Lake City,  

We have to save Salt Lake City's rapidly dissapearing historical landmarks.

ron match, slc, utah,  

hope and pray it can somehow be preserved....wish i were rich enough i would buy it and subsidize it.

Mark Gulbrandsen, Salt Lake City,  

Saving the Villa Theatre is extremely important, especially since the U.S. has recently lost another Cinerama Theatre in Omaha. That leaves just 4 left. The Uptown in D.C., The Seattle Cinerama, The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, and The Villa. It would be g

John & LaRue Bailey, Vernal, Utah,  

Is there Grant Money available to ensure that the theatre is not destroyed? The theatre should be put on the historical register. An amazing theatre like that shouldn't be destroyed! Unthinkable! Utah, wake up!

Christopher Strong, Salt Lake City,  

After the horror of the Centre, we need to save the Villa.

Matt Lutthans, Seattle,  

Visited Villa in November. Sad to hear of sale. If I can help, please let me know. --Matt Lutthans Cinerama Society of Seattle

Kirk J. Besse, Minneapolis Minnesota, 15 January 2002

I'm shocked that a historic theatre like the Villa is to be destroyed. Here in Minneapolis we went though that dark phase of civic history decades ago. Today the restored Minneapolis State and Orphuem are doing great biz and this coming Novemeber our historic Pantages will reopen its doors. And should one want to catch "Oklahoma" in the original 30 frame per second Todd-AO or some other 70mm epic, check out our restored Heights theatre.
In short why doesn't the City of Salt Lake buy the Villa? It's worked in Minneapolis.

Patsy Tingey, Kaysville, Ut, 3 January 2002

When I was a young girl we traveled to SLC to see South Pacific playing in that theatre. It is so fun for me. I remember that that was the first time I had Hawiian fruit punch. A very impressive weekend.

Trevan Biddulph, Los Angeles and Utah (currently), 4 December 2001

What the Villa needs is some repairs and advertisment. The century 16 is really hurting business. Carmike Cinemas and movie companies need pressure to favor the Villa. Back when they were the only ones to show Disney movies is when the theater was doing "Well". Right now the theater can not compete in todays market. The Villa is the traditional American theater and our history and culture should not be "shot" down.

Carlyle F. Clarke, Cottonwood, Utah (SE part of Salt Lake Valley), 27 November 2001

I saw Harry Potter just yesterday, the 26th of November 2001. Ii used to do audits for an accounting firm of the Villa years ago. Then, it was a classey showplace. The manager and employees wore bow ties and tuxes. I wore a dark suit and bow tie also. The manager was impressed. Someone with a lot of vision and a little money need to save this landmark. The right kind of movies need to play that will once again fill the one thousand seat auditorium. Good Luck. Keep up the website. I'll be watching.
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