On the left of the theater entrance is an information sign for a walking tour of downtown Salt Lake. - , Utah
Grant Smith, 10 November 2007
Off Broadway Theatre
(Kinema Theatre, Rialto Theatre, Midtown Trolley Theatre, Broadway Stage, Off-Broadway Theatre)

272 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah
(1920 - 2019)

The 270-seat Rialto theater is part of the Clift Building, which was built in 1920. Originally called the Kinema Theater, it was later renamed the Rialto. Under Mann theaters in 1974, the Rialto started showing discount movies.

In October 1971, Trolley Theaters remodeled the 412-seat Rialto and renamed it Midtown Trolley Theatre.[1]  The theater continued to operate as a dollar house and closed in 1984.

The Rialto was reopened in 1989 as The Broadway Stage. Hiatus Productions, Inc., founded by William Sargent, renovated the theater, installing seats from the Centre theater. They planned to produce four to six plays yearly.

The theater was later renamed The Off-Broadway.

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