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The Off Broadway Theatre is Moving Locations (Theater) 27 October 2019 Full Text
Theater reaches out to families Salt Lake Tribune 9 February 2006 Title Only
Improv Explosion: Think-on-your-feet comedy is taking Utah by storm. Salt Lake Tribune 20 May 2005 Title Only
Multiplex destiny Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1998 D1 Title Only
Founder of the Villa And Many Other Theaters Dies at 84 Salt Lake Tribune 19 October 1990 B7 Title Only
Old Rialto to be Reborn as 'The Broadway Stage' Deseret News 22 January 1989 E8 Title Only
Plitt Will Acquire Trolley Theatres Chain Deseret News 29 September 1984 C1 Full Text
Theaters Plan to Expand Salt Lake Tribune 30 May 1976 10B Full Text
Long run movie plans announced Deseret News 9 November 1974 W5 Full Text
Theater Packs 'em In Salt Lake Tribune 7 July 1974 8B Full Text
Theaters Replacing Familiar Marquees Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1973 E1 Full Text
District Chief Begins S.L. Theater Job Salt Lake Tribune 28 January 1966 7 Full Text
Firm Reveals Theaters Sale in S.L. Area Salt Lake Tribune 3 September 1955 17 Full Text
Denver Chain Casts Glance At 7 S.L. Area Theaters Salt Lake Tribune 3 August 1955 23 Full Text
Randall, Lawrence Purchase Kinema Salt Lake Telegram 10 June 1927 28 Link
Kinema Manger Entertains Kiddies Salt Lake Herald 30 March 1920 7 Link
New Organist at Kinema Delights with His Program Salt Lake Telegram 29 March 1920 11 Link
Pyle Fingers Kinema Organ Salt Lake Herald 28 March 1920 8 Link
'Blind Husbands' Draws Big Crowds at the Kinema Salt Lake Telegram 16 February 1920 6 Link
Kinema's 'First Night' Success Salt Lake Herald 15 February 1920 23 Link
Kinema Opens Tonight with 'Blind Husbands' Salt Lake Herald 14 February 1920 4 Link
New Kinema Theatre Opens Today with Showing of 'Blind Husbands,' Salt Lake Telegram 14 February 1920 15 Link
Preview to be Given of New Kinema Picture Salt Lake Telegram 13 February 1920 22 Link
Utah Material is Used in New Kinema theatre Salt Lake Telegram 12 February 1920 16 Link
Windows Eliminated by Special Lighting System at the Kinema Salt Lake Telegram 11 February 1920 25 Link
Kinema Will Appeal to Lovers of Beauty Salt Lake Herald 10 February 1920 4 Link
Kinema Theatre Decorations to be Attractive Salt Lake Telegram 10 February 1920 5 Link
New Kinema Theatre Furniture Shown Salt Lake Herald 25 January 1920 28 Link
Kinema to be Addition in Film Field Salt Lake Herald 11 January 1920 10 Link
William Cutts, Kinema Manager, Movie Pioneer Salt Lake Telegram 27 December 1919 10 Link
Kinema to Open Its Doors Shortly after January Salt Lake Telegram 13 December 1919 11 Link
Mystic Letters "Form Kinema," Teacher Wins Salt Lake Telegram 27 November 1919 10 Link
Pointers on Plaus and Pictures Salt Lake Telegram 15 November 1919 11 Link
Salt Lake Gets New Movie House Salt Lake Telegram 9 June 1919 10 Link
Rialto Has Big Farewell Program Salt Lake Herald 6 April 1919 6 Link
Rialto Protects Patrons Salt Lake Telegram 9 December 1918 4 Link
What Do Movie Fans like? Mehesy Knows the Answer Salt Lake Herald 13 January 1918 32 Link
Construction of Skyscraper is Delayed Salt Lake Telegram 11 November 1917 52 Link
7-Story Building for Main Street Salt Lake Telegram 9 January 1917 Link