Thomas Hall

41 South 100 West
Price, Utah 84501

(1908 - April 1909 to 1910)

Fred J. Thomas began work in late 1907 on a two story building south of the Weeter Lumber company.  A skating rink and dance hall would occupy the basement of the concrete block building, while the second floor would serve as an opera house with a stage and scenery for theatrical productions.[1][2][3]

The lower floor of Thomas’ Hall opened on 21 November 1908, with a free dance and music by the Price orchestra.  Four to five hundred people responded to a general invitation, with some coming from Helper, Castle Gate, and Wellington.  Thomas planned to host a dance each week through the winter.[3]  The Eastern Utah Advocate described the dance floor as “about the best ever.”[4]

The roller rink opened 3 December 1908, after Thomas purchased skates in Salt Lake City.[4]  For 25 cents, beginners could skate from 2:30 to 5:00 PM, with attendants.  Admission for evening sessions, starting at 7:30 and 10:30 PM, were 15 cents for spectators and 25 for skates.[5]

On 10 April 1909, Miss Corrine LaVaunt, “a talented young Boston actress,” performed in Fortunes of a Waif with the Walter Stock Company for one night at the Opera House.  The Eastern Utah Advocate described it as a “rare treat to the theatergoers in Price.”[5][6]

On 29 April 1910, the Eastern Utah Advocate  announced that Thomas Hall would be used as a pool hall and lodging house.[7]  In May 1910, a Japanese company installed bar fixtures in preparation for opening a wholesale and retail liquor store.[8]  A 1917 Sanborn fire insurance map labeled Thomas Hall as lodgings, with a saloon and billiards in the basement.[9]

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