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North S.L. theater closes Deseret News 6 September 2002 D09 Summary
Broadway Movie Theater to Close Salt Lake Tribune 31 August 2001 B11 Title Only
Movie house merry-go-round Deseret News 20 April 2001 W01 Summary
Curtains to open on 9 screens Deseret News 27 March 2001 D5 Title Only
Loews set to close 112 film venues Deseret News 23 January 2001 D6 Title Only
Rumors persist on closing of S.L.-area Loews theaters Deseret News 22 January 2001 B3 Link
No more shows for Loews Cineplex? Deseret News 15 January 2001 B8 Link
Plitt Will Acquire Trolley Theatres Chain Deseret News 29 September 1984 C1 Full Text
Theaters Plan to Expand Salt Lake Tribune 30 May 1976 10B Full Text
Special event for theater expansion Deseret News 25 November 1974 A17 Full Text