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[Clarke Planetarium Closed Until Further Notice] (Theater) 12 March 2020 Full Text
Made-in-Utah star shows play worldwide Deseret News 30 July 2016 Link
Clark Planetrium dome theater upgraded KSL News 29 September 2011 Link
Oprah’s Utah fans lament show’s end Salt Lake Tribune 25 May 2011 Link
Clark Planetarium hopes for some 'Potter' magic Salt Lake Tribune 18 November 2010 Link
Megaplex expands its IMAX empire Salt Lake Tribune 26 October 2010 Link
'Deathly Hallows' tickets on sale now Deseret News 21 October 2010 Link
Clark Planetarium to show first-run 3-D films in IMAX auditorium Deseret News 13 April 2010 Link
Planetarium may show Hollywood movies KSL News 25 March 2010 Link
Hansen Dome Theatre shows mix science, stories Deseret News 28 December 2009 Title Only
Clark Planetarium Goes Solar KUTV News 27 June 2008 Title Only
Planetarium flying high on its 5th anniversary Deseret News 11 April 2008 Title Only
Clark Planetarium offering a greener Gateway to the stars Salt Lake Tribune 15 January 2008 Title Only
Planetarium adds donor Salt Lake Tribune 12 October 2006 Title Only
Clark Planetarium gets $1 million from aerospace company Salt Lake Tribune 11 October 2006 Title Only
Into the Deep: Clark Planetarium explores the darkest reaches of the seas and heavens Salt Lake Tribune 26 February 2006 Title Only
Would 2 theaters rejuvenate downtown? Deseret News 15 February 2006 Title Only
Clark Planetarium Taking Visitors into a Black Hole KSL News 30 December 2005 Link
IMAX at Jordan Commons Deseret News 12 August 2005 Title Only
New IMAX theater plans Hollywood feature films Salt Lake Tribune 12 August 2005 Title Only
Big plans at planetarium Deseret News 22 September 2004 Title Only
Planetarium has 'star' power Deseret News 10 July 2003 B1 Title Only
Welcome the new planetarium Deseret News 12 April 2003 A12 Title Only
Stellar facility opens today Deseret News 11 April 2003 B1 Summary
3D show has sneak preview Deseret News 5 April 2003 B5 Title Only
Live from the planetarium it's KUTV Deseret News 5 April 2003 B5 Title Only
'Sail' to take Utahns into depths of space Deseret News 11 March 2003 B1 Summary
Adventure begins: building planetarium interior Deseret News 5 July 2002 B1 Title Only
Planetarium Finally Has New Home Salt Lake Tribune 10 October 2001 B1 Title Only
A Whole New Hansen Planetarium Salt Lake Tribune 2 August 2001 C1 Title Only
Foolish Decision Salt Lake Tribune 3 April 2001 A14 Title Only
A Risky Move Salt Lake Tribune 1 April 2001 AA1 Title Only
County Council Scrutinizes Costs of Competing Planetarium Plans Salt Lake Tribune 21 March 2001 B2 Title Only
Planetarium Ideas Launch Tuesday Salt Lake Tribune 18 March 2001 B1 Title Only
City Plan Is Best Salt Lake Tribune 11 March 2001 AA1 Title Only
War of the Words Over Planetarium Salt Lake Tribune 7 March 2001 D1 Title Only
County Asked to Expedite Hansen Planetarium Decision Salt Lake Tribune 7 February 2001 D2 Title Only