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This Utah theater led the nation for 'Crimes of Grindelwald' opening revenue sales (Link)
19 November 2018, Deseret News
Theaters offering sensory-friendly summer movies for Utah County (Link)
09 June 2016, Daily Herald
Four Megaplex theaters in top 10 for “Mockingjay” opening (Link)
25 November 2014, Salt Lake Tribune
Utah 'Hunger Games' fans rank best in the nation (Link)
26 March 2012, KSL News
Utah theater chain turns 'The Hunger Games' into an event (Link)
24 March 2012, Los Angeles Times
Lehi megaplex getting upgrade, expansion (Link)
18 May 2011, Salt Lake Tribune
D-BOX Technologies Announces Two New Locations with Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres (Full Text)
28 March 2011, D-Box Technologies Inc.
Expansion under way for Megaplex in Lehi (Link)
23 January 2011, Daily Herald
Lehi theater expansion to create jobs (Link)
19 January 2011, KSL News
Megaplex expanding Thanksgiving Point theater (Link)
19 January 2011, Salt Lake Tribune
Devoted Harry Potter fans watching marathon of movies before premiere (Link)
18 November 2010, Fox 13 News
Die-hard Harry Potter fans enjoying Potter Marathon before midnight showing of new film (Link)
18 November 2010, KSL News
‘Twilight' fans line up for premier of ‘Eclipse' (Link)
29 June 2010, KSL News
Megaplex officials on the 'Eclipse' red carpet (Link)
22 June 2010, Salt Lake Tribune
Biggest Megaplex movies to play on 3D Mammoth Screen (Full Text)
25 March 2010, Megaplex Theatres
Sure, you knew this guy, but . . . (Link)
20 February 2009, Salt Lake Tribune
'Porno' prompts principled petition (Link)
01 November 2008, Daily Herald
No 'Porno' at the Megaplex (Link)
28 October 2008, Salt Lake Tribune
Miller's theaters won't show 'Zack and Miri' (Link)
28 October 2008, Deseret News
Miller names son as CEO of his empire (Link)
17 July 2008, Deseret News
'Indiana Jones' Tickets now on sale at all Megaplex Theatres locations (Full Text)
09 May 2008, Megaplex Theatres
Experience 'I Am Legend' in Digital Cinema or IMAX at Your Local Megaplex Theatre (Full Text)
12 December 2007, Megaplex Theatres
Experience Beowulf in Digital Cinema, Digital 3D and IMAX 3D Formats (Full Text)
13 November 2007, Megaplex Theatres
Exhibitors Worldwide Select Dolby 3D Digital Cinema (Link)
15 October 2007, Dolby Laboratories
Megaplex is #1 Digital Cinema Provider in Utah and Among top 10% in Nation (Full Text)
07 September 2007, Megaplex Theatres
Megaplex Theatres is on Schedule to Set Opening Day Attendance and Sale Records for Harry Potter (Full Text)
09 July 2007, Megaplex Theatres
Mommy movies (Link)
25 August 2006, Deseret News
MegaPlex Theatres Has Your Seat Reserved (Full Text)
24 August 2006, Megaplex Theatres
Empire builder: Larry Miller has come a long way since his auto-parts days (Link)
11 June 2006, Deseret News
Ads at theaters — there's no escaping them (Link)
18 March 2005, Deseret News
Miller adds to screens in Utah (Summary)
12 January 2005, Salt Lake Tribune
Larry Miller buys lease of Thanksgiving Point theater (Summary)
11 January 2005, Daily Herald, page A1
Miller takes over Lehi theaters (Link)
11 January 2005, Deseret News
Photo (Link)
25 November 2004, Deseret News
Theater owner files for Chap. 11 (Link)
12 August 2004, Deseret News
Theater owners file for Ch. 11 (Summary)
11 August 2004, Daily Herald, page A1
Thanksgiving Point opens new theater (Summary)
29 May 2003, Daily Herald
Across the county: News of Utah County (Link)
26 May 2003, Deseret News
Council OKs new Ticket Tax (Link)
27 March 2003, New Utah, page 1
Thanksgiving Point plans multiplex theater (Summary)
05 December 2002, New Utah, page 1
Movie theaters coming to Thanksgiving Point (Summary)
05 December 2002, Deseret News, page B9
Thanksgiving Point breaks ground for movie theater (Summary)
05 December 2002, Daily Herald