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Utah theaters lead the nation in bringing in audiences for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Salt Lake Tribune 28 December 2020 Link
This Megaplex Theatre location in Utah grossed more money than any other multiplex this weekend, report says Deseret News 22 December 2020 Link
Is the Megaplex experiment working? Deseret News 9 August 2020 Link
Megaplex Theatres Reopens With Classic Movies KSL News 18 June 2020 Link
Megaplex Theatres to reopen as soon as June 18 KUTV News 12 June 2020 Link
Utah’s Megaplex Theatres plan to reopen 12 multiplexes starting Thursday Megaplex Theatres 12 June 2020 Link
How Utah’s theaters are prepping for the return of new movies Deseret News 9 June 2020 Link
When families rent out a theater during pandemic, what do they like to watch? Deseret News 31 May 2020 Link
Movies are back…sort of! Megaplex Theatres set to roll movies for private family screenings ABC 4 News 14 May 2020 Link
What economic recovery looks like from the view of a business owner Deseret News 6 May 2020 Link
CEO Of Larry H. Miller Group Tweets Heartfelt Thread About COVID-19 Concerns KSL News 19 March 2020 Link
Temporary Suspension of Regular Business Operations (Theater) 18 March 2020 Full Text
Utah’s Megaplex Theatres closing indefinitely because of coronavirus Salt Lake Tribune 18 March 2020 Link
Operational Capacity and Menu Adjustments (Theater) 12 March 2020 Full Text
Utah Marvel fans spent 60 hours at Megaplex Theatres for 'Avengers: Endgame' Deseret News 26 April 2019 Link
This Utah theater led the nation for 'Crimes of Grindelwald' opening revenue sales Deseret News 19 November 2018 Link
South Jordan’s District Megaplex evacuated after dryer fire Gephardt Daily 28 August 2018 Link
Utah lives up to strong Star Wars reputation, lands 2 theaters in US top 10 KUTV News 21 December 2015 Link
Mockingjay, Star Wars sales Ogden Standard Examiner 21 November 2015 Link
Four Megaplex theaters in top 10 for “Mockingjay” opening Salt Lake Tribune 25 November 2014 Link
Movies: "The Hobbit" taking a chance with faster viewing format Salt Lake Tribune 11 December 2012 Summary
Utah 'Hunger Games' fans rank best in the nation KSL News 26 March 2012 Link
'Hunger Games' beats record with $155-million debut Los Angeles Times 25 March 2012 Link
Utah theater chain turns 'The Hunger Games' into an event Los Angeles Times 24 March 2012 Link
Utah theaters 1-2-3 nationally for "Twilight" midnight box-office Salt Lake Tribune 18 November 2011 Link
Fans flock to theatres for 'Breaking Dawn' midnight premiere ABC 4 News 17 November 2011 Title Only
Utahns love 'Harry Potter' Deseret News 18 July 2011 Link
'Harry Potter' makes box-office magic Los Angeles Times 18 July 2011 Link
Utah theaters take top three slots for Harry Potter box office KSL News 15 July 2011 Link
Utah Harry Potter fans lead country in 'Deathly Hallows' box office ABC 4 News 15 July 2011 Title Only
Utah Megaplex tops in U.S. for "Potter" midnight opening Salt Lake Tribune 15 July 2011 Link
Fans immerse themselves in Horcrux Hunt Salt Lake Tribune 14 July 2011 Link
New technology allows deaf, blind to experience movie theater Deseret News 5 April 2011 Link
3 Utah Megaplex venues tops in U.S. for ‘Potter’ midnight shows Salt Lake Tribune 22 November 2010 Link
Megaplex 20 throws a party for new IMAX Salt Lake Tribune 1 October 2010 Link
Utah theaters have top attendance for 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Deseret News 30 June 2010 Link
‘Twilight' fans line up for premier of ‘Eclipse' KSL News 29 June 2010 Link
Megaplex officials on the 'Eclipse' red carpet Salt Lake Tribune 22 June 2010 Title Only
New seats add motion to 'motion pictures' at South Jordan theater Salt Lake Tribune 28 May 2010 Title Only
A night at the cinema becomes a moving experience, literally KSL News 28 May 2010 Link
Gimmicky 3-D isn't worth the extra few bucks Deseret News 22 May 2010 Link
D-BOX Signs its First Agreement with Utah-based Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres D-Box Technologies Inc. 13 May 2010 Full Text
Utahns prove love for 'New Moon' Deseret News 23 November 2009 Title Only
Miley Cyrus surprises movie-goers at Utah theater KSL News 10 April 2009 Link
Miley's surprise visit thrills Utah fans Deseret News 10 April 2009 Link
Miley Makes Surprise Visit To Utah KUTV News 10 April 2009 Title Only
Sure, you knew this guy, but . . . Salt Lake Tribune 20 February 2009 Title Only
Utah Twilight Fans #1 in Nation KSL News 24 November 2008 Title Only
'Porno' prompts principled petition Daily Herald 1 November 2008 Title Only
No 'Porno' at the Megaplex Salt Lake Tribune 28 October 2008 Title Only