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Cinemark opens second ‘NextGen’ theater in Utah Salt Lake Tribune 13 July 2011 Link
Station Park Cinemark almost ready to open Davis County Clipper 13 July 2011 Link
New high-tech theater in Draper is first of its kind KSL News 25 May 2011 Link
Screens Aplenty Ogden Standard Examiner 3 October 2010 Link
County highlights economic bright spots Davis County Clipper 28 July 2010 Link
Station Park not worried about project in Centerville Davis County Clipper 10 June 2010 Link
Construction to start on condo, theater complex Davis County Clipper 4 February 2010 Link
Utah Commercial sector's pulse faint after 2009 Salt Lake Tribune 22 January 2010 Link
Farmington sees Station Park as sales-tax generator Salt Lake Tribune 14 January 2010 Link
Harmons cinches deal to build store in Farmington Salt Lake Tribune 24 December 2009 Link
Farmington’s Station Park delayed until 2011 Davis County Clipper 15 October 2009 Link
Work on Station Park gets under way Deseret News 14 August 2008 Summary
Farmington project to break ground Deseret News 19 July 2008 Summary
No more 'sleepy' town Deseret News 8 September 2005 Summary
Farmington project on track Deseret News 22 May 2005 Summary