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Lawn movie at SCERA Deseret News 21 May 2004 C1 Title Only
Curtain rises again on a grand old drape Deseret News 12 May 2004 Summary
One man's passion: The show must go on Deseret News 6 April 2004 Title Only
Provo adds new dinner theater to performing arts menu Daily Herald 24 March 2004 Summary
Don't subsidize SCERA Deseret News 22 March 2004 A8 Title Only
Theater to lay off 5 employees and cut hours of others, may cut first-run films Daily Herald 26 February 2004 A1 Summary
SCERA seeks financial help Deseret News 25 November 2003 Summary
SCERA debuts new stage after three months of renovation Daily Herald 15 November 2003 Summary
SCERA hires trio in funding push Deseret News 25 October 2003 B2 Title Only
SCERA to shift away from first-run films Deseret News 2 September 2003 Summary
SCERA expansion plan may face neighbor hurdle Deseret News 2 September 2003 B1 Title Only
SCERA board seeks arts center funding Deseret News 27 August 2003 B2 Title Only
Orem to consider SCERA arts plan Deseret News 26 August 2003 B2 Title Only
A new role for movie house? Deseret News 3 June 2003 Summary
Retirement party for SCERA president Deseret News 28 April 2003 B2 Title Only
SCERA changing leaders Deseret News 18 April 2003 B1 Title Only
Longtime SCERA president retiring Daily Herald 15 April 2003 Title Only
SCERA showing wear Deseret News 4 March 2003 A1 Title Only
'Star Wars' mania Deseret News 15 May 2002 A1 Title Only
Opening night party for 'Star Wars' fans Deseret News 14 May 2002 B4 Title Only
Star Wars fans setting up camp Deseret News 2 May 2002 B5 Title Only
Party to raise funds for programs at SCERA Deseret News 15 April 2002 B4 Title Only
SCERA drive for funds begins on Saturday Deseret News 12 April 2002 B3 Title Only
Plans in works to rebuild pool at SCERA site Deseret News 2 April 2002 B1 Title Only
SCERA seeking ideas for phased-out pool lot Deseret News 22 March 2002 B4 Title Only
Orem diving into new water site at SCERA Park Deseret News 12 March 2002 B3 Title Only
Theaters looking for donors Deseret News 12 November 2001 B4 Title Only
SCERA hoping to retain its link with Sundance Deseret News 27 January 2000 B01 Title Only
Festival film too hot for Orem? Deseret News 26 January 2000 B01 Title Only
Utah County gets taste of glitz Deseret News 24 January 2000 B02 Title Only
Teen seeks fellow voices to call for edited movies Deseret News 24 December 1999 W1 Title Only
Thanks for SCERA support Deseret News 17 December 1999 A24 Title Only
Note to theaters: Give classics a try now and then Deseret News 19 November 1999 W01 Summary
SCERA to show edited R-rated movies Deseret News 4 September 1999 B6 Summary
SCERA could give Villa a lesson in scheduling films Deseret News 4 June 1999 W01 Title Only
Opening of W.V. Hale Theatre likely year's theatrical highlight Deseret News 27 September 1998 E8 Title Only
Redford's jacket comes to movie premiere Deseret News 10 May 1998 B1 Title Only
Redford's `Whisperer' premieres in Orem May 9 Deseret News 25 April 1998 B1 Title Only
Spencer the hypnotist taking his show to Orem Feb. 20 Deseret News 13 February 1998 B3 Summary
Lack of family flicks spurs theater to close for week Deseret News 13 December 1997 B1 Summary
Complex to show Disney flicks, will rival popular Orem theater Deseret News 12 November 1997 B3 Title Only
Expansion brings a bright day for SCERA Deseret News 5 September 1997 B3 Title Only
Debbie Reynolds performs at SCERA celebration Monday Deseret News 27 August 1997 B3 Title Only
Bronze family will soon join SCERA Center garden court Deseret News 17 April 1997 B7 Title Only
Despite cost overrun, SCERA needs no audit, official says Deseret News 11 March 1997 B1 Title Only
2 Rob SCERA Theater of the Day's Receipts Deseret News 8 July 1996 B3 Title Only
Vineyard Gives $12,500 to the Orem SCERA Center Deseret News 21 May 1996 B3 Title Only
New Addition to Arts Center Fuels Dream Deseret News 31 March 1995 B1 Title Only
Eccles Group Donates $25,000 For Arts Project Deseret News 20 December 1994 B1 Title Only
Donors for SCERA ARts Center Can Get Name Etched in Granite Deseret News 22 August 1994 B4 Title Only