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3 Utah theaters that offer performing opportunities for youths (Link)
11 March 2017, Deseret News
A community of theater: Utah theater companies take varied approaches to staging a season (Link)
23 November 2014, Deseret News
Wharton: Community theater could leave a legacy (Link)
27 November 2012, Salt Lake Tribune
New Davis theater offering spiffier amenities designed for performers and patrons (Summary)
05 March 2011, Deseret News
New Centerville theater kicks off legacy with Hairspray (Summary)
25 February 2011, ABC 4 News
Performing arts center opens in Davis (Summary)
12 February 2011, Deseret News
County highlights economic bright spots (Link)
28 July 2010, Davis County Clipper
Rodgers Memorial Theatre is changing name and facility (Summary)
03 April 2010, Deseret News
Rodgers to become CenterPoint Legacy Theatre (Link)
01 April 2010, Davis County Clipper
Arts center: bigger, better, slightly cheaper (Link)
08 September 2009, Davis County Clipper
Davis theater will cost $1.2M less than projected (Link)
03 September 2009, Deseret News
Setting up the stage (Link)
20 August 2009, Davis County Clipper
Vertical construction to start on DCAC (Link)
28 July 2009, Davis County Clipper
Past , future converge at groundbreaking (Link)
02 June 2009, Davis County Clipper
Construction 'kickoff' held for Davis Cultural Arts Center (Summary)
29 May 2009, Deseret News
Curtain rises on new Cultural Arts Center (Link)
28 May 2009, Davis County Clipper
Centerville secures bonds for arts center (Link)
06 May 2009, Deseret News
Davis arts center to seek private funding (Link)
10 April 2009, Deseret News
Cultural Arts Center moving ahead (Link)
03 March 2009, Davis County Clipper
Centerville trims fees for SDCAC (Link)
19 January 2009, Davis County Clipper