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Theater Date
Cinemark Sugar House 15 December 2014 Improved the history and added information on its closing for remodeling.
Avalon Theater 13 December 2014 Updated the history and added photos for the front facade, marquee, entrance, and exterior south side.
Paramount Theater 13 December 2014 Update the brief history of the Paramount Theater.
Ritz Cinemas 13 December 2014 Greatly expanded the history and added several photo pages.
Cinemark Sugar House 13 December 2014 Added advertisements and remodel photos.
12 December 2014 While working on a test database, I accidentally dropped all the tables on the production database.  I was able to restore from a two-week old backup, leaving 19 hours of work lost.  I am working on recovering the remaining data from Googles cache.
Utah Theatre 1 October 2014  Added photos links of the auditorium and organ pipes.
Capitol Theatre 29 September 2014 Added photo links for Historical Exterior, Historical Auditorium, and Auditorium.
Sunset Drive-In 13 August 2014  Added photo links for the exterior and the 2013 fire.  Added the first advertisement in 1950.
Sunset Drive-In 8 August 2014  Updated the history of the Sunset Drive-In to include the fire of July 2013.
Gaslight Dinner Theater 31 July 2014  Added a history and advertisements.
Glass Factory Theatre 17 July 2014  Added a history of the Glass Factory / Tiffanys Attic theater.
Star Theatre 15 July 2014  Converted the panoramas for the lobby and auditorium.
Promised Valley Playhouse 15 July 2014 Converted the front facade and north facade panoramas.
Cinedome 70 15 July 2014  Converted low-grade panoramas of the front and back of the building.  Unfortunately, there are no do-overs for this theater.
Children's Theatre 237 15 July 2014  Converted the panorama of the auditorium of the Childrens Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City.
Kamas Theater 14 July 2014  Converted the panorama of the auditorium to work with HTML5 instead of Java.
Anona Theatre 13 July 2014  Added a brief history of the Anona Theatre.
Wendover Cinemas 12 July 2014  Added photos of the theater exterior.
Century 21 12 July 2014 Added photos of the Century 21, Century 22, and Century 23 in San Jose, California.  Why?  Domed auditoriums, with large, deeply-curved screens, were the best design ever for move theaters.  Much better than IMAX.  The Century 23 in San Jose bears the closest resemblance to the original domed Century theaters in Salt Lake.
Cinemark West Valley 28 June 2014 Added opening week advertisements.
Goff's Opera House 20 June 2014 Combined Goffs Opera Dramatic Hall in West Jordan with Goffs Opera House in Midvale.  The West Jordan of 1903 became the Midvale we know today.  Added a history and photos.
12 June 2014  Fixed a problem where photos would not display on pages with panoramas.
Valley Fair Movies 9 12 June 2014  Improved the history of the Valley Fair Movies 9.
Valley Fair Movies 9 6 June 2014 Added historical photos for the Valley Fair 4 Cinemas.
Tower Theatre 6 June 2014 Regenerated panoramas of the Tower Theatre for a new viewer.  The old viewer, an unsigned Java applet, was blocked by Java unless the user went into the control panel and added a manual exception.
Valley Fair Movies 9 6 June 2014 Added historical photos and advertisements.
Cinemark West Valley 4 June 2014 Added photos of the Cinemark West Valley, which opens on June 12.
Lyceum Theatre 25 April 2014  Added a history of the Lyceum Theatre.
Lyceum Theatre 4 April 2014  Added a history of the original Lyceum Theater.
Dreamland Theatre 29 March 2014  Added a history of the Dreamland Theatre.
It Theatre 29 March 2014  Added a short history of the It Theatre.
Pastime Theatre 28 March 2014  Added a history of the Pastime/Joie Theatre.
Cinemark West Valley 11 March 2014  Added construction photos from 28 November 2013, 7 December 2013, 25 January 2014, 8 March 2014.
Brigham's Playhouse 6 March 2014 Added a history of Brighams Playhouse.
Layton Hills Cinemas 6 December 2013  Updated the history of the Layton Hills 9 with information on its recent renovation.  Added photo links.
27 November 2013 Added information on the closing of Crossroads Plaza to the history for Crossroad Cinemas and Cinemark at Crossroads Plaza.
Edwards Cinemas 27 November 2013  Added the never-built Edwards Cinemas, with a brief history.
Cinemark West Valley 21 November 2013 Added construction photos.
Cinemark West Valley 15 November 2013 Added construction photos.  Foundation work is complete and the walls are starting to rise.
Cinemark at Crossroads Plaza 15 November 2013 Added a history of the Cinemark at Crossroads Plaza, a never-built 15-screen announced for the ailing downtown mall.
Utah Theatre 14 August 2013  Added photos of the balcony projection booth.
Tower Theatre 10 August 2013  Added photos of the stage.
Tower Theatre 8 August 2013  Added photos of the balcony, and stairs to the balcony.
Tower Theatre 2 August 2013 Added new panoramas:  balcony stairs, auditorium back left, stage - right.  Replaced the balcony panorama with one with better lighting.
Tower Theatre 10 July 2013  Added panoramas of the lobby, balcony, auditorium, and stage.  Added photos of the lobby.
Globe Theatre 28 June 2013  Added a history of the Globe Theatre, with advertisements.
28 June 2013  Fixed a bug where the photo link would point to the wrong theater.  Added links to the original source of a news article.
Revier Theatre 27 June 2013  Add a brief history of the Revier Theatre.
Bijou Theatre 27 June 2013  Added a history of the Bijou / Odeon Theatre.

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