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Bruce Stone, 2 July 2004

It seems that this is the end of an era. My family and I have enjoyed seeing movies in a classic "real" theatre. We will miss it...

Michael Wilde, 11 June 2004

I will miss it. Sad to see it go for another health club.

Mark Paoletti, Salt Lake City, 4 June 2004

I'll miss the Trolley Corners theater.

Adam White, 4 June 2004

I will really miss the Trolley Corners theater. It was the first theater I went to in Salt Lake City.

Bill Fisher, Seattle, 16 January 2004

Former Salt Laker here who came back for Thanksgiving...SHOCKED to see the Villa Theatre closed. Also shocked to see the Trolley Corners as a second/third run theatre. These were and are the best show houses in Salt Lake. What happened? I ended up at that odd mall/theatre monstrosity at Jordon Commons and saw MASTER AND COMMANDER on a giant IMAX screen--a big mistake. It looked like a DVD playing on a TV screen in letterbox. It needed to be seen at a great theatre with a giant/proper curved screen, specifically the VILLA or CORNERS auditoriums. So many wierd things are happening in SLC. It's pathetic. Still don't get the Mall near the Train Station that seems to have been devised solely to kill the downtown core. Sheesh!

Tarina Freimann, 18 November 2003

Wahoo for dollar night TUESDAYS!!!! Now that's quality!!
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