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Sundance: Big city draw Salt Lake Tribune 20 January 2006 Link
Movieland: The Sundance Film Festival expands its theater base Deseret News 21 January 2005 Summary
Madstone closes its 4 Trolley theaters Deseret News 8 June 2004 Summary
S.L.'s Trolley Corners closes theater doors Deseret News 4 June 2004 Summary
Trolley Corners Theatres, largest in Utah, closes Salt Lake Tribune 4 June 2004 Summary
Suffrage Film Showing Tonight KSL News 11 May 2004 Link
Arts Briefs Salt Lake Tribune 9 May 2004 Link
Tickets on sale for 'Saints and Soldiers' premiere Salt Lake Tribune 11 April 2004 Link
Sundance: Trolley Corners to Oscar Night Salt Lake Tribune 12 January 2003 Summary
Trolley: Miller Has Film Monopoly Salt Lake Tribune 1 January 2002 B8 Title Only
Trolley Corners sues Larry Miller firm Deseret News 25 December 2001 B14 Summary
Loews to close 2 theaters in valley Deseret News 31 August 2001 D7 Title Only
Broadway Movie Theater to Close Salt Lake Tribune 31 August 2001 B11 Title Only
Movie house merry-go-round Deseret News 20 April 2001 W01 Summary
Curtains to open on 9 screens Deseret News 27 March 2001 D5 Title Only
Loews Theaters Closing? Eyewitness News 26 January 2001 Summary
Loews theater closures up in the air Deseret News 25 January 2001 B5 Title Only
Loews set to close 112 film venues Deseret News 23 January 2001 D6 Title Only
Rumors persist on closing of S.L.-area Loews theaters Deseret News 22 January 2001 B3 Link
No more shows for Loews Cineplex? Deseret News 15 January 2001 B8 Link
Theater wars: Moviegoing options downtown reduced by 3 Deseret News 23 June 2000 Summary
'Gone With Wind' back at Loews - but bring a pillow if you go Deseret News 28 June 1998 E11 Link
Critics won't get early peeks at 'Godzilla' Deseret News 26 April 1998 E11 Summary
The little Festival that could Deseret News 15 January 1998 C1 Summary
Scarcity of 70MM-Capable Theaters Denies Local Fans a 'Broad Perspective' Deseret News 8 July 1990 E12 Link
On New Theaters, Indiana Jones and Skyrocketing Prices Deseret News 4 June 1989 E10 Summary
Plitt Will Acquire Trolley Theatres Chain Deseret News 29 September 1984 C1 Full Text
Trolley Corners Theatre triplex opens its doors tonight Deseret News 23 December 1977 C7 Full Text