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Terd Fergeson, 28 August 2005

I think that we should all get together and hold hands and sort out our differences. There is no reason to resort to violence over a seat to a movie. The only thing that matters is that no one was hurt. So, in conclusion there is nothing funny about stealing someones seat at a movie.

G Cayce Weber, Cayce Weber, 23 December 2003

I will not attend this theater, until the Dean family, whom I do not know, receives an apology, and the charges dropped. I think your employees are out of line, those who arrive early get the good seats, period. Those that came late, who wanted the seats should have gotten their butts to the theater earlier, or take what you get. All movie-goers know this unwritten rule! I don't care what policy the chain has, in the movie watching business, possesion of the seat is nine tenths of the law!!!! Most reasonable people know this! I will boycott your theater, and all other Cinemark Theaters, until I hear this has been settled in favor of the Deans!!!! And SHAME on the people who were selfishly trying to take the seats when they were already claimed! GET THERE EARLY NEXT TIME!!!
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