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Founder of the Villa And Many Other Theaters Dies at 84 Salt Lake Tribune 19 October 1990 B7 Title Only
S. L. Reaching For Sky Amid Builder's Cheers Deseret News 25 November 1972 T2 Full Text
Uptown Theatre entertains its last audience today after 60 colorful years Salt Lake Tribune 4 August 1971 E1 Full Text
Theater Challenges S.L.'s Movie Law Salt Lake Tribune 4 August 1970 22 Full Text
Suit Attacks Utah Laws On Obscenity in Films Salt Lake Tribune 1 August 1970 30 Full Text
'Dolls' Dirty? No Proof, Judge Rules Salt Lake Tribune 1 August 1970 30 Full Text
Popcorn Smoke Empties Theater Salt Lake Tribune 25 December 1966 C3 Full Text
'Dr. Zhivago' Premiere to Benefit Area Heart Fund Salt Lake Tribune 6 March 1966 14W Full Text
District Chief Begins S.L. Theater Job Salt Lake Tribune 28 January 1966 7 Full Text
Almost Angels Features Choir Actors Deseret News 22 September 1962 8A Full Text
Premiere of Disney Film Set In Salt Lake Deseret News 19 September 1962 C7 Full Text
Vienna Boys Choir Stars in Walt Disney Film Deseret News 10 September 1962 A11 Full Text
$400,000 Hyland Project Newest Theater Remodeling Deseret News 17 July 1961 B3 Full Text
Firm Reveals Theaters Sale in S.L. Area Salt Lake Tribune 3 September 1955 17 Full Text
Denver Chain Casts Glance At 7 S.L. Area Theaters Salt Lake Tribune 3 August 1955 23 Full Text
Society On Hand at Empress Salt Lake Telegram 4 November 1911 Full Text