Denver Chain Casts Glance At 7 S.L. Area Theaters

Salt Lake Tribune, 3 August 1955, page 23
Fox Inter-Mountain Theatres of Denver has made overtures to purchase seven Salt Lake City and Provo theaters, but to date the negotiations still are in the talking stage.

Theaters involved are the Uptown, Villa, Rialto, Murray, South East and Oak Hills Drive-In in Salt Lake City and the Academy in Provo.  All are owned by the Joseph L. Lawrence Theatres chain.

JOSEPH L. LAWRENCE, president of the chain, and David K. Edwards, vice president and general manager, said Tuesday that "no agreement has been reached, no papers have been signed, and no money has changed hands" in discussions with Fox officials.

"We have talked with them," Mr. Lawrence added, "but that is as far as the matter has gone."

A press dispatch out of Denver Tuesday had quoted a Fox official as announcing the purchase of the theaters in Utah.

CONTACTED by telephone in Denver Tuesday afternoon, however, Robert W. Selig, division manager for Fox Inter-Mountain denied that any such announcement had  been made by an official of the firm.

"We have been negotiating with the Lawrence people in Salt Lake City," he said, "but we have not purchased the theaters.  No deal has been concluded, and there is no assurance that one ever will be."