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Salt Lake hosted Hollywood premieres, some in lost movie palaces Deseret News 16 October 2011 Link
BYU parts the sea for new ‘Ten Commandments’ release Deseret News 24 March 2011 Link
10 Utah buildings we miss Deseret News 9 January 2011 Link
Movie theaters have a long, rich history in the Salt Lake area Deseret News 8 March 2009 Title Only
Centre Theatre is gone, but its grand memories live on Deseret News 13 March 1998 C1 Title Only
Glossy Tower Trades New For Old in the Centre of Town Salt Lake Tribune 5 January 1992 E8 Title Only
Cityview: Broadway Centre Awaits Glass Finish Salt Lake Tribune 21 April 1991 E6 Title Only
Scarcity of 70MM-Capable Theaters Denies Local Fans a 'Broad Perspective' Deseret News 8 July 1990 E12 Link
The Centre's Final Curtain Deseret News 1 February 1989 C1 Full Text
Centre Theater Is Closing Its Doors Deseret News 22 January 1989 E10 Summary
Vandalism Delays But Doesn't Stop 'Temptation' Deseret News 27 August 1988 B1 Title Only
Vandalism Delays But Doesn't Stop 'Temptation' Deseret News 27 August 1988 B1 Link
Goodbye Centre Theater, Hello Broadway Centre Deseret News 3 August 1988 D7 Title Only
Centre Theatre is Coming Down; High Rise Going Up Deseret News 29 July 1988 B1 Title Only
Moviegoing - The Way It Should Be Deseret News 5 June 1988 E13 Summary
14 hours to see 'Jedi?' Heck, that's nothing Salt Lake Tribune 25 May 1983 10A Full Text
'Star Wars' Addicts Relax, the Force Is Here Salt Lake Tribune 20 May 1980 B7 Full Text
'Fantasia' to return in full stereo sound Deseret News 12 October 1977 6E Full Text
Dolby-70mm version of 'Star Wars' open Deseret News 19 August 1977 C13 Full Text
S.L. Firm Buys Centre Theatre Salt Lake Tribune 23 May 1976 F13 Full Text
Theaters Replacing Familiar Marquees Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1973 E1 Full Text
$400,000 Hyland Project Newest Theater Remodeling Deseret News 17 July 1961 B3 Full Text
'Ben-Hur' Epic Proves Powerful Film Fare Salt Lake Tribune 2 February 1960 20 Full Text
S.L. to Spark Area Run Of 'Ben Hur' Salt Lake Tribune 7 January 1960 9 Full Text
Centre Manager Resigns For New Theater Post Deseret News 4 December 1953 A21 Full Text
Centre Starts Work on Giant Screen Salt Lake Tribune 11 June 1953 35 Full Text
Streamlined Structure Is Ultra-Modern Deseret News 23 December 1937 Full Text
Special Parking Service Offered Centre Patrons Deseret News 23 December 1937 Full Text
Theater Offers Finest In Projection Facilities Deseret News 23 December 1937 Full Text
Chief Of Construction Lauds Auerbach Brothers Deseret News 23 December 1937 Full Text