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Scarcity of 70MM-Capable Theaters Denies Local Fans a 'Broad Perspective' Deseret News 8 July 1990 E12 Link
The Last Picture Show Deseret News 27 March 1990 B6 Title Only
Going to Theater is Too Often a 'Friday 13th' Sort of Experience Deseret News 22 October 1989 Link
Disney, SCERA Theater Celebrate 50-Year Association Deseret News 5 July 1989 C1 Summary
O'Toole Give 'Arabia' Its Superlative Edge Deseret News 17 March 1989 W3 Title Only
When's 'Lawrence' Coming? Grab A Pencil And Some Paper Deseret News 26 February 1989 E10 Title Only
'Fantasia' returns Deseret News 21 October 1977 16A Full Text
'Fantasia' to return in full stereo sound Deseret News 12 October 1977 6E Full Text
Two world premieres for 'Brigham' Deseret News 1 October 1977 4W Full Text
'Fantasia' returning in 70mm, full stereo Deseret News 26 August 1977 20A Full Text
Chief will attend 'Indian' premiere Deseret News 26 August 1977 22A Full Text
Dolby-70mm version of 'Star Wars' open Deseret News 19 August 1977 C13 Full Text
The Regency Boxoffice Magazine 13 November 1972 Full Text
Salt Lake Welcomes Regency Theatre Salt Lake Tribune 20 July 1972 B11 Full Text
'Lovers' to Introduce Regency Tonight Salt Lake Tribune 19 July 1972 Full Text
Opening Slated for Regency Theatre Salt Lake Tribune 12 July 1972 B25 Full Text