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Crowds flock to Century 16 - most toting cans of food (Summary)
02 October 1998, Deseret News, page D5
Multiplex destiny (Title Only)
19 July 1998, Salt Lake Tribune, page D1
Scarcity of 70MM-Capable Theaters Denies Local Fans a 'Broad Perspective' (Link)
08 July 1990, Deseret News, page E12
Going to Theater is Too Often a 'Friday 13th' Sort of Experience (Link)
22 October 1989, Deseret News
Sometimes a Film Critic Is Overcome with 'Whyzits' (Summary)
12 March 1989, Deseret News, page E9
New Theater, Century 23 Open Today (Full Text)
01 March 1972, Salt Lake Tribune, page 4A
Now There Are 3 'Centuries' (Full Text)
26 February 1972, Salt Lake Tribune, page 24
New Theater Set to Open (Full Text)
10 November 1969, Salt Lake Tribune, page 13
New Theater Completed; 'Paint Your Wagon' Set (Full Text)
05 November 1969, Salt Lake Tribune, page B9
New S.L. Theater Opens (Full Text)
01 October 1967, Deseret News
Roof Going On 'Round Theater Job (Full Text)
02 August 1967, Salt Lake Tribune, page B10
New S.L. Theater Going Up (Full Text)
01 August 1967, Deseret News